The Makeshift Tripod Stand

Here are steps to start where you are:

  1. Be willing to be stupid. At Orange Academy, Content Writing course, we were asked to print the words, “BE STUPID’’. I did and I had it pasted on my room’ wall. It made me ask my peers and bosses questions even when they felt stupid.
  2. Do nothing: The best advice I got this week. Before starting your dreams and vision, do not jump into them. Take time out to rest on your dreams before you start.
  3. Get great teachers: My support team has been my teachers who have by far impacted me. Learn the basics, get people who are willing to teach you the basics and start. The more advanced you are, the more crucial your teachers become.
  4. Don’t wait till you have everything: One reason why the wooden tripod got my attention was the fact that many content creators on Instagram and LinkedIn always seem to have issues ranging from having too much to having too little.
  5. Be Consistent: Don’t be too hard on yourself as you stay focused on your schedule.



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adepeju adenuga

adepeju adenuga


I love the power of stories, playing with words and my imagination to the rescue.