Shoot Your Shot!

adepeju adenuga
2 min readJan 8, 2019


He pretends as if he is unaware of the effect of his sonorous voice. He speaks with his hands on his lips. Slightly presses his hands on her shoulder even as he helps her type on her laptop. For days, Tammy has been trying to get her attention. He had created a quarrel with her just to get her attention, even after an apology, he knows it is not the way to get to her.

Bess had just been transferred from the head office to this new branch. She knows that Tammy has an interest in her. This she was told was strange, as he always pretends not to be interested in any woman. The dispute they had, was nothing necessary as she has also been attracted to his pink lips, well-shaped beards and his trademark shorts.

She had noticed him from the first day they boarded a bus together. Without knowing each other’s destination, they had struck a conversation from a punch line used by the bus driver ‘ Gbe Body e’, this had created a long discussion ranging from Nigerian music to different Nigerian slangs.

They had both laughed, shouted and smile during the course of the conversation until they alerted at the same bus stop heading towards the tall white building that houses ‘Silver Lining’s Ad Agency’.

‘young lady, it’s not rocket science, all you need to do is to create a web page for this campaign, here is all you need’, as Tammy spoke, Bess was attracted to the hums and vibrations from his conversation. Her attention divided between the screen of the laptop and inhaling his cologne.

Without hesitation, she pulled her lips to his, running her tongues slowly around his lips, suddenly she stops as she realizes it was not a dream but such a thing has truly occurred at the office. In despair, she walks out amidst the humming around her. Everyone paid attention to the drama and as soon as it was over, starts murmurings.

Tammy’s legs were numb even as he stood staring straight at the wall, his hands walk straight into his pockets, in split seconds, he runs out, even harder, he tries to navigate his way among the ad’s customers, his legs run into numerous office decorations. “Wait, please wait, Bess please.”

Even as he spoke, his voice came as a whisper, as it was caused by fear, he pivoted on his heel to determined to get this over with. And froze! It just couldn’t be. It just wasn’t possible.

Tammy stares at the pool of blood on the floor. Bess did not give him an opportunity to respond to the kiss. The favourite guard dog at the office across the road had been hit by Bess car.

Could the declaration of love be any stressful!



adepeju adenuga

I love the power of stories, playing with words and my imagination to the rescue.