Naira Revolution!

adepeju adenuga
3 min readSep 5, 2023

A diary of a Nigerian immigrant.

Orientation week is long gone. I was introduced to the laws and customs of the US Government. But more important for me are the friends I got to meet.

The orientation started on Wednesday, and I forgot my wallet and, by extension, the only dollar note I brought to the USA. I'm not sure I need to reemphasize how they no longer use paper currency in these parts. But they use coins, because how else will the Audi store ask that I use a quarter to pay for a shopping cart?

Next, the orientation dragged on with a tour of the school. Funny story, I still get lost oo. Nawa oh!

While watching others, I saw the role indecisiveness plays in our love lives. Like you choose to have a girl back home in Nigeria and one in the USA. No problem, to all the boys I once loved: now you know why I smile because I know how pragmatic love can be.

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love; boy wonders how beneficial the relationship is, boy sacrifices love for success, and boy moves. Imagine being married for seven years and suddenly divorcing because the relationship no longer suits your needs.

I fell in love with the Indians and learned quickly about the 500 different languages they speak. My good friend, Devan, told me a love story about how his girlfriend broke up with him at his sister’s wedding. Now I know why I am a sucker for Zee World. In her defence, he was not paying so much attention to her. I tried a snack, though, and realized that I may just marry an Indian boy.

Need I say, I can do better than sleeping inside a car every time it moves, especially as this is not ‘Danfo’, “Molue” and there is no traffic anywhere? Can you imagine that not everyone knows about the yellow bus (Danfo)?

Last night was the African party, and I met Bostwana, Kenyans, Ghanaians, and South Africans. I have been employed to chase the Western world away from ECOWAS. Like the Chinese did in “Has China Won?” by Kishore Mahbubani. Sorry, not sorry. I love Arya Starr, but I had an international convention and an Eureka moment, and I am not going to spend my time dancing Rush when I can think of ways to increase the value of our naira. Especially when it is not doing so well besides Kenya shillings and Cedis. If we could increase our production capacity and focus on the Agriculture, Cocoa, steel, and Clothing industries, perhaps Naira would do better.

It's time for the naira revolution!

Just in time for my legendary Seyi Vibes moves, I am again pulled into the mating dance. The Boy flirts with the girl, the girl ignores him, the boy watches the boy approach another girl, the girl returns to mark territory, and the boy throws caution to the winds. The boy goes home with the girl.

The End.


Danfo, Molue: Modes of transportation in Nigeria

Nawa o: An expression used to show amazement

Seyi vibes: Afrobeats musician



adepeju adenuga

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