Making Decisions As A Writer ‘Review’

Decision is a determination arrived at after consideration

While growing up, there is a particular experience I remember.

Here are four factors that affect your decision making as a writer:

Cognitive biases: As taught in CXL Institute, you make a decision to write or publish a piece of your work based on the previous bias you have.

Emotional: Decisions are emotional.

While you can make logical deductions, you can only make simple decisions when you apply emotions. Because decisions are based on emotions. Emotions are unconscious, feelings are conscious. When your potential customers first appears on your website, what emotion is he going to get? If that customer is motivated by what he sees, he will stay and continue to check out for more information, but if he is not motivated, he would stop and decide to go somewhere else.

Decision Making= Attention+ Emotion+ Memory.

I hope this gives you the courage to be an active participant of meeting your goals in 2021. Be deliberate in your decision making efforts.



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adepeju adenuga

adepeju adenuga


I love the power of stories, playing with words and my imagination to the rescue.