How To Retain Attention On Your Website ‘Review’

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My best friend and I knew all the short cut to get to school from home, while growing. It was a path with empty houses and lots of bushes. The road was off the beaten track and because of that, there was hardly anyone or traffic to worry about. There was a mango tree right in the middle of the path, we would sit and pluck its fruit, sucking at its juice everyday.

When you want your customers to pay attention to your website, you need to hook them in 7 seconds. One way of doing so is to reduce the cognitive load of your website. Cognitive load refers to the total amount of mental effort being used in the working memory. These factors make learning harder or distract us from the information we’re trying to pay attention to increase cognitive load.

As human beings, we look out for shortcuts and pay attention only to things that are important to our survival.

If your website is cluttered, you get your first time customers distracted and lose interest. New customers are always looking out for clues to spend more time with your brand, ensure you give them a reason with your website.

Storytelling via your website, is one way to connect your brand with your target audience. In hearing your brand story, customers would relate with you and identify with your unique selling point. We are constantly telling ourselves stories. It is your job as a web content creator to tell good stories about your brand, so that your brand story can be heard above and in between so many well told stories.

To get to the shortcut from my school, my memory has gotten so very used to it, that I no longer have to ask for directions. Imagine if I had to carry a map around to understand the road? This would lead to frustration. So also in website designing and creation, the best website process is one that the customers do not realize that they are crossing multiple hurdles but lot of thought had been put in place.

What amount of information can your brain handle?

What happens when you receive more information than your brain can handle?

How do you process it?

As an organization, it is always important you put your customers first in any decision you make about the website.

Here are some website tips you should look out for when creating or revamping your website.

Ensure that every page is explanatory. Do not assume that your customers have a previous knowledge of you, your products and its benefits.

Always try to retain your existing clients. Because we are used to use the same solution if it is the first solution offered to our problem instead of the best. For as long as I can remember, taking garri works well for dysentery and all of its purging brothers. This ancient medicine has always been in my subconscious, much that I would rather drink garri than buy medicine to treat my stomach upset.

Many people use website in other to save time. With the increase in things fighting for our attention, customers would only care for brands that place value on their time.

Remember your home button right at the screen, as this provides a sense of reassurance.

Optimize your website’s performance to improve load times.

Provide content suggestions to keep people reading.

Use exit intent popups to dissuade visitors from leaving.

Make smart use of internal links.

What motivates you?

In this human race called life, have you ever thought of what wakes you up every morning?

Do you know what drives you?

What is the thing that makes you want to do what you do?

What motivates you?

If you are like me and you have lost all form of motivation, don’t worry dear friend, we shall take it one step at a time.

How to Motivate Customers to Get Hooked to Your Website?

Use visual cues that users already know from other websites.

Avoid vague symbols

Have engaging graphics

Let your content speak

Ensure your website is clear

A brand is a vibrant picture held in consumers’ mind. Brands stand out like beacons of light in a sea awash with high-quality products and services offered to meet consumer-expression needs, as consumers choose brands in great part to tell the world and themselves who they are.

Lion is more powerful. Though, lioness participate in hunting more, male lions sometimes indulge helping when it is a big prey to tackle coz they have other businesses in mating, cub protection, resting, patrolling and scent marking to make aware the other rogue males that the territory is already occupied. This picture is very vivid in the mind of a nature enthusiast, and are now told across worlds. That would be very similar in its entirety as to gaining your customers’ trust.

Nothing can expressly change the perception built in your customer’s mind. While you can influence it using digital campaigns, many customers will want to know the “why”s of my brand’s purpose. Understand this, choosing between your organization and any other is because of stories not yet unfold. While it is important to build on campaigns, to reduce the cognition load, you have to first off ensure that your message is simple and well delivered. Having your website scattered with images and headlines no where to be found, links are lost among many others.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” — Tom Fishburn

Know this truth and know peace.

Phases of the Hooked Model

  1. Trigger — External or internal cues that prompt certain behavior
  2. Action — Use of the product, based on ease of use and motivation
  3. Variable Reward — The reason for product use, which keeps the user engaged
  4. Investment — A useful input from the user that commits him to go through the cycle again

A good website helps to achieve the aim of telling your brand story. All you need is to focus on creating it and making it help in generating qualified leads.



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