How To Enhance Your Customer Experience ‘Review’

Is your content made for you or for your customers?

3 Things Your Customer Wants:

  1. Acknowledgement: Similar to a new born baby, your customer wants you to notice him/her and acknowledge the relationship they have with your business. Things like gifts during the holidays, discounts, promotions, interviews, response to mails, reviews and tweets would have a great impact on their overall brand experience. Be focus on meeting with their needs.
  2. Positive Feedback: Customers today do not buy product just because it is good. The unique experience and value you provide are what keeps them loyal. Your customers want to be sure that you listened and implemented their feedback.
  3. Instant Gratification: I am definitely no expert and even a degree at CXL Institute won’t make me one, but it is certain that Facebook and Instagram has fed on the release of dopamine sent into our body after a like or a follow. Just an applause on Medium has encouraged me to continue to write. Now imagine if this rush and feeling is translated to your customers. It is no longer about your product or service but how this product or service makes your customers feel, minus of a good dose of opium/alcohol.

Great Customer Experience Is Highly Relevant To Your Customers




I love the power of stories, playing with words and my imagination to the rescue.

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adepeju adenuga

adepeju adenuga

I love the power of stories, playing with words and my imagination to the rescue.

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