Coming out of mental pressure

adepeju adenuga
3 min readSep 1, 2022

Dj, please play me ‘Peace of Mind’ by Asake.

I stood at the reception desk looking at the lady with her black hair packed in her bun, her flowery crepe gown appeared to have been carefully selected. Her third finger had a clipped artificial nail, as she typed my phone number into the big Apple monitor in front of her.

“Sorry ma, I can’t find anything with your details.”

I had been feeling restless for the past few weeks and irritable, so I knew that while I was upset about the situation, I wasn’t upset with her but she was the closest target.

One minute I was shouting at top of my voice in anger, the next I was crying.

Breathe in, Breath out.

August taught me many things, majorly that it is okay not to have sense. While I was tempted to write and document my experiences, there were parts of it I couldn’t even share with my journal as I faced each day with a tear.

In Nigeria, many youths, myself included struggle as they try to navigate their mental health. We laugh about it as we look for ways to juggle our fears, our mental health and our hustle.

In a world where we explain everything with a spiritual shadow, the boundaries between our mind and world seem porous. Everything and everyone could infiltrate our minds and manipulate our thoughts.

Now, this is getting serious.

According to, Nigeria currently faces a global human rights emergency in mental health. Underpinned by poor societal attitudes towards mental illness and inadequate resources, facilities, and mental health staff, figures suggest that approximately 80% of individuals with serious mental health needs in Nigeria cannot access care.

‘But think about it, all of the things you hope to achieve can only be achieved with your mind in full control of all of your activities.’

It is more about daily living and good vibes.

The power of regular, regulated writing has helped in managing my mental health.


Talking help:

I have ‘famzed’ and would continue to reach out to people every day to just talk. This works to remind me that I am not alone in the world or that rapture hasn’t happened yet leaving me alone.

Enjoy myself:

Problem no dey finish, so make you try dey enjoy. Even if you are lactose intolerant, drink ice cream. Well provided you will not die sha.

Practise gratitude:

Dark thoughts take hold of you when you are not practising gratitude. Write the little things that are on your silver lining.

My final thoughts to you, how are you?



adepeju adenuga

I love the power of stories, playing with words and my imagination to the rescue.